Save and fantastic results

Your YELLOW GOLDY COIN always will keep his value, even in a period of financial crisis.

The nominal value of the YELLOW GOLDY COIN is quantitied by Duth, German treasure bonds or other secure investment like Gold. (Your money will be placed there)

There is only a limited emission of your YELLOW GOLDY COINS and no further emission is allowed. Once all coins sold the value fluctuation is depending of the market. Offer and demand!


Aspected is that in the first year, being 2014, its worth will increase around 12&. After that its value will increase even more. Worldwide it is a question of the market fluctiation.

The total issue is limited at 1.200.000 YELLOW GOLY COINS at €100,00 each, which gives a total of €120.000.000,00 nominal.

As said, from the initial amount ( being 100,00 each coin), a buffer is created of Treasure Bonds or Gold and will garanteed the nominal value of your purchase. This is garanteed and is written and deposited at a notary office in Holland.

You can never lose your money!

Ever buyer of this Digital YELLOW GOLDY COIN will recieve a numbered Certificat, which is unique and issued in your name. This is your insurance, that you are the owner of this or these digital coin(s). A authentic document which is administrated by ROBANXXWISS bv, who is owner of this exclusive digital coin.

All transations are made by this firm. Only the seller will be charged with a extreme low broker rate and is your insurance that only the authentic YELLOW GOLDY COINS are being traded.

No “mining” is possible, like other digital issued Coins (Example BIT-Coin, LIGHT-Coin etc.) which garantees the real value of the YELLOW GOLDY COIN.

Please contact ROBANXXWISS by email or call 0031 (0)35 740 155